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CLIP Interpreting is an American Sign Language Interpreting agency serving the San Diego Community

According to an estimate modeled from U.S. Census reports, California has a Deaf population of over 1,038,000 individuals. That’s a lot of people who purchase products and services, work in local businesses, and participate in the community. CLIP Interpreting helps organizations and groups interact and communicate with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals by providing highly-trained sign language interpreters in the San Diego area.

There are many reasons why businesses, government organizations, and other groups may need a sign language interpreter, including:

  • Conferences and presentations to a large audience that may include Deaf members
  • Public service announcement that must reach all members of the community
  • A Deaf client or employee
  • K-12 schools and post-secondary education
  • Legal situations
  • Medical appointments and procedures
  • Weddings, funerals, and church services

CLIP Interpreting also provides:

  • Trilingual interpreting (English, ASL, and Spanish)
  • Captioning services

CLIP Interpreting is a small agency located in the heart of San Diego that only hires nationally certified American Sign Language interpreters. Our interpreters are friendly, reliable, proficient and trustworthy professionals and have proven their ability to interpret in a variety of situations, including specialized fields that require a high-level vocabulary. Are you ready to engage with the Deaf people in the San Diego community? We’re ready to provide you a certified sign language interpreter at a competitive price! Simply click on the green button at the top to fill out a quote request form.

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