About Us

CLIP Interpreting prides itself on being a small company of highly dedicated, highly qualified interpreters. Our small size allows us to be selective in our hiring process, thus boosting our pool of talent. At the same time our low overhead and streamlined scheduling processes keep prices low, ensuring our customers receive the highest-quality and most cost-effective services available.

There are very few interpreting agencies that can claim to hire only certified interpreters. However, CLIP carries a staff of 100% nationally certified interpreters. Lawyers cannot practice law without passing the bar, doctors cannot treat patients without going through medical school and at CLIP we believe that interpreters should not accept jobs without being certified.

CLIP has proven our passion for the Deaf community time and time again through our volunteerism and support for the community in which we have family and friends. We are an agency dedicated to increasing the accessibility, communication, and independence of a community who we love.