Pursuing a career as an ASL Interpreter is an excellent career decision. There is a genuine need for interpreters who are well qualified, not only in San Diego but across the country. American Sign Language interpreters translate between ASL and English, in order to help a Deaf or hard of hearing individual communicate with a hearing person who does not know sign language. These people are hired in various walks of life such as hospitals, medial facilities, law firms, technology companies, government agencies and corporate offices.

The most important job of an interpreter is to help people in communication. Such persons must demonstrate adequate patience and confidence. They are known to be diplomatic in nature and possess a great attitude. If you enjoy helping others in various matters and want to make a difference in society, then a job as an interpreter will be very rewarding in nature.

Certification is very important to become an interpreter and work in this field. If you are from another type of employment then a certificate may not be necessary but it must be remembered that a certificate holder always gets a priority over someone who does not possess a certificate.

A person who aspires to become an ASL interpreter must get the necessary certification after passing the qualifying test which consists of two stages. One must pass the written stage which will test knowledge on Deaf culture, history and interpreting protocol. Once the written test is over, the performance test begins for the candidate. The candidate must exhibit sound interpreting and ethical decision making skills in order to pass the test and get the required certification. There are various types of certifications available for specific settings, such as the legal system. It is very important to pay the annual membership dues and other fees on time otherwise the certification will expire. Certification ensures the quality of interpreters remains high, which is essential to the effective communication of Deaf individuals in a hearing world. Interpreting is a highly rewarding field that provides many opportunities for growth and new experiences. Consider becoming an interpreter in San Diego!

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