Deaf rapper Sean Forbes’s new single “Crazy About You” is an inspiring video that may surprise the general public. Sean Forbes’s stardom is rising as a result of his new video which can be currently viewed on his website, “Deaf and Loud”.. Sean’s story as a Deaf rapper is inspiring – his parents purchased him a drum set when he was only five years old. He quickly progressed to write songs and play guitar at the age of ten.

Deaf Rappers are nothing new:

This isn’t the first time Deaf rappers have made noise on the internet. In this Spin article, they cover Darius McCall (also known as Prinz-D) – a 34 year old Deaf rapper from Birmingham, Alabama that struggled to start but recently put out his first album called, “Southern Comfort” in 2005. You can see his single from his most recent album, “First Deaf Rapper Vol 2” below.

Check out Deaf Rapper Sean Forbes and Signmark below:


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