Are you looking for a skilled sign language interpreter in San Diego? If you are, you are at the right place. CLIP is here to serve the Deaf community. Our main objective is to ensure that we provide the public with quality services. We have a panel of qualified sign language interpreters who are willing to assist the Deaf in San Diego. Therefore, feel free to contact us and we will respond to your specific need. You can contact our customer support desk at any time, which operates around the clock.

At CLIP, we work with professionals in the field of ASL interpreting. Our interpreters have exceptional knowledge on how to conduct interpretation services. They are usually requested in situations where the presence of Deaf people requires communication assistance. These situations vary widely, and can include meetings and seminars. At CLIP, you can find an ASL interpreter who will exceed your expectations. We provide interpreters who have all the necessary qualifications.

Our interpreters are extremely punctual. They report on time and leave after completing their assignment. They never cause inconveniences and adapt well to any situation they are placed in. We prepare our interpreters in advance to avoid unpreparedness during the actual assignment. We do so by providing them with all the information possible, including client information and type of event. For this reason, we advise our clients to contact us in advance so we have the opportunity to collect the necessary information and provide them with the best fit for an interpreter.
Our agency charges less for our quality services. We do so in order to accommodate various financial classes. Our commitment to providing high quality interpreting services at an affordable rate demonstrates how much we value serving the Deaf. With our competent interpreters present at your events, you can be assured that effective communication will occur. Let’s work together to ensure the Deaf community in San Diego is provided with quality interpreting services.

Contact CLIP Interpreting today to learn about pricing for an interpreter for your events.

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