The Futility Illusion

Interpreters may sometimes experience situations that bring them face to face with a difficult choice. It is important to not allow the futility illusion to guide you through your interpreting practice.

Futility Illusion: If I don’t take this job, someone else less qualified will.

Interpreters should only accept jobs that they feel prepared and qualified performing. Many times this involves attending workshops and trainings to gain specialized skill sets and knowledge needed for the job.

It is alright for an interpreter to pass on a job.

Interpreters working with Deaf students in the beginning years are also the student’s language model. They need to be aware of the importance of using proper ASL structure and syntax and modeling these features to their students. Only the most experienced interpreters should be taking jobs with younger students. Students in 8th-12th grade and post-secondary levels are already comfortable and knowledgeable of their language and can therefore have less seasoned interpreters working with them.


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